Friday, January 1, 2010

New Pictures 1001 Stock Photo Gallery - Be the First to Publish!

New pictures are added to our online library. Very rare shots are those blue shark, Prionace glauca,  pictures. The blue shark is a rare species to see in Hawaii as it normally prefers much colder water. This 10 foot big female was the second one I've ever encountered in a decade of boating in Kona. As she had nothing to afraid, she left many scars on my underwater camera's dome lens :-(

It was a full grown female blue shark, completed with many bite marks from other sharks perhaps due to its violent mating rituals. A blue shark in crystal clear Hawaiian blue water! That's something different, isn't it? Besides, this particular shark was unbelievably beautiful. She had huge black eyes, pointy snout, streamlined slender body covered with blue and silver sparkles. It is very difficult to show those sparkling colors in a photo, but still the resulting pictures are of exceptional quality. Certainly different from those common blue shark pictures with green or dark blue water background shot in California or North Atlantic Ocean. Complete behind-the-scene story is posted here: Big Blue! - The Giant Blue Shark of Hawaii.

New Pictures 1001 - Stock Photo Gallery - Images by Masa Ushioda

Next, this curious, young humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, found my boat floating and stayed under the boat for more than 10 minutes. I don't know how this happened but I thank Wyland for this.

Humpback whales are very intelligent and inquisitive. I also got some good head-lunging, breaching, fluke-up dive pictures from the same day! Lucky me! Please read this post for more info on that day: Inquisitive and Curious - Wyland's Humpback Whale.

Finally I was able to get some really good pantropical spotted dolphin, Stenella attenuata, pictures at sunset. As the sun was setting, dolphins jumped all over my boat under the luminous purplish light. It was a quite site to see. More on this story, look here: Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Sunset Play.

There is one good editorial ID shot comparing common two species of tuna in Hawaii: yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna. You can learn the differences in this post: Shibi - Yellowfin Tuna or Bigeye Tuna?

Following the last submission, I processed a lot more landscape pictures of the Big Island scenery.  For the first time I visited the massive Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site which has been well kept and run by the National Park Service. More detailed info and story are found in this post: Puukohola Heiau - Temple of the Whale Hill - Going around the Big Island - Parrt II.

Next stop was the Big Island's norh point, Upolu Point. I photographed Upolu Point Wind Farm. The story is in this post: Upolu Point Find Farm - Sustainable Green Energy - Going around the Big Island - Part III.

The rest of the Big Island scenery is from Hilo side. I took a friend of ours to see a molten lava again at the Kalapana lava ocean entry (now it's gone!), stayed at a special place, Inn at Kulaniapia Falls to celebrate our 5th anniversary, and then the next morning we stopped by at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park visiting a few main attractive spots in the park. Please see these respective posts for behind-the-scene stories: Glowing Lava - Ocean Entry at Kalapana of Puna - Going around the Big Island - Part VI, Kulaniapia Falls - A Hidden Treasure of the Island - Going around the Big Island - Part VII, Negative Ions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Going around the Big Island Part VIII.

Lastly I shot some photos of ancient Hawaiian warrior weapons which were made of shark teeth, Hawaiian hard wood and lava rocks. The craftsmanship of those weapons are incredible, but can you imagine if you are struck by one of those? Ouch! More details are here: Ancient Hawaiian Warriors' Close Combat Weapons.

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