Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trophy Mahi Mahi - Dolphinfish Bull 37 LB 1 Hour Fight
The Day Before Thanksgiving - Part I

I love fishing. Particularly when I hook something big on a light tackle outfit. For example, when I fish for mahi mahi or ono, small tunas, I usually use a light tackle instead of heavy marlin tackles because the same fish gives me far more excitement, otherwise, the game is over in a matter of seconds.

I heard a "rumor" that there were hundreds of sharks at OT buoy along with an endangered fin whale, Balaenoptera physalus. Hundreds of sharks??!! Fin whale in Hawaii??!! Never heard of such things around Kona, so my buddy & I decided to go out the day before the Thannksgiving to investigate if the story was true.

As usual, we were late getting out, and went straight out to the OT buoy about 15 miles offshore. My fish finder recorded many fish in deep, so I dropped some jigs but did not get anything. And then a shark showed up... and another one...then another one. We saw three sharks but disappeared quickly into deep. From the shape of them, they looked like silky sharks.

As we throw some baits to attract sharks or whatever, a big mahi showed up by my boat. "OK. That's more like it." I rigged some bait for mahi and put in in the water. Bang! Hanapa'a! Fish on! In a few seconds, the mahi was at the horizon leaping like maniac. "He's big!!!" We could tell that for sure from the distance. He looked that big.

A couple months ago we lost a 40lb (we think!) bull mahi just before gaffing by the gunwhale because we got greedy to hook more mahi at the same time and forgot that it was on 30lb line. So this time we were determined to get this fish in. No photography.

Suddenly the mahi at the horizon disappeared and my line slacked. Oh, no... wait a minuetes the fish is coming this way straight! I screemed, "Something's chasing it! A marlin!... no a shark!" A silky shark (perhaps) was chasing after the fish trying to bite its tail. What a speed! Both fish zip by my boat and went the opposite side in a matter of seconds! Wow.

I wound my reel to recover some line but the fish kept going. All I can do was hang on. With the help of Sue's boat maneuver, after about 1 hour of good fight, we finally got him on board.

It turned out to be the biggest mahi mahi I've ever caught. It weighed about 36 lb a humongous bull mahi mahi. Wow. I was exhausted. What a fight.

Mahi mahi for everybody and I will be getting him mounted for sure!

To be continued to: Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Sunset Play - The Day Before Thanksgiving - Part II.

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