Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Pictures 0910 Stock Photo Gallery - Be the First to Publish!

I processed some old files from Tampa spearfishing trip as per client's request. I never knew the hogfish, Lachnolaimus maximus, could get that big, and such a great eating! I was seasick most of the trip but was able to have good time with buddies of mine in Florida. More details are posted here: Spearfishing in Pristine Coral Reef of Gulf of Mexico.

* Please note that all recognizable people in this batch are model released. A copy of release is available upon request. Please also note that all spearfishing pictures are not available for any uses that promote anti-spearfishing campaign. They are buddies of mine who enjoy the activity very much. Thanks for understanding ;-)

New Pictures 0910 - Stock Photo Gallery - Images by Masa Ushioda

Added a few more pictures of that beautiful pregnant spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari. See this post for more info: Spotted Eagle Ray - The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen!

Then, from Hawaii, I processed some scenic pictures for editorial market - Kealakekua Bay, the original King Kamehameha the Great statue, Pololu Valley lookout, and Kiholo Bay with Haleakala of Maui. For behind-the-scene stories for those Hawaii's scenic pictures, please look these posts respectively: Kiholo Bay and Haleakala of Maui - Going around the Big Island - Part I, The Original King Kmehameha the Great Statue - Going around the Big Island - Part IV, Pololu Valley Lookout - Going around the Big Island Part V.

Some clients are even surprised to see those landscape pictures from me, and the fact that I actually care to shoot such subjects ;-) I like to shoot landscapes and other subjects as I travel in order to illustrate the trips. Although it's not as exciting and challenging as shooting big whales and sharks, it is rewarding to nail a stunning landscape shot when all the correct settings... light, air, clouds, sun, wind, equipment... are dialed in precisely as I wish.

I've been working on these Big Island scenery pictures as per client's request. So, more landscape pictures are on their way out in the near future. They are freshly shot, never-been-published, brand new pictures, showing the current state of the locations or objects. I hope you can find some pictures useful for your upcoming Hawaii book projects or magazine features.

Please contact me for any specific Hawaii subjects or locations. I may have some shots in my pile of pictures, or I'll go shoot them for you.

Finally I've got some Hawaiian spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris longirostris, sunset shots. The shoot was very hard, but I've got some lucky ones! Please see this post for more info: Sunset Spinning Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.


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