Thursday, July 16, 2009

Upolu Point Wind Farm - Sustainable Green Energy
Going around the Big Island - Part III

Continued from the post: Puukohola Heiau - Temple of the Whale Hill - Going around the Big Island - Part II.

After we left the impressive Temple of the Whale Hill, Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site, we drove farther north and stopped by at the Upolu Point Wind Farm which I've never visited to this day.

This is practically the north point - the northern tip of the Big Island and strongest wind constantly blows just like the more famous south point of the island. I wonder why there is an airport called, Upolu Airport, built here. Seriously strong, gusty wind blows here all the time. Does the wind help airplanes landing and taking off? Maybe, huh? Let me know if you are a pilot.

wind turbines, Upolu Airport Wind Farm, Uplolu Point, Hawi, North Kohala, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

I also wondered that there were plenty of wind here at the north point, but not many wind turbines were put up. Similarly, the wind farm at South Point also has marginal number of such wind turbines, and also they have been badly maintained for a long time (I haven't been there for a while, so don't actually know the current condition).

Electricity here is notoriously expensive despite we have many sustainable green energy resources like geothermal energy, exceptionally strong trade wind and scorching sun power as well as hydroelectric power- heavy rains, rivers and waterfalls on the other side of the island. How come we don't stop importing oils and use these renewable energies? We know we can do this. Hawaii has full of such resources and we have not been utilizing them at all... very frustrating.

Upolu Airport Road and wind turbines of Upolu Point Wind Farm, Hawi, North Kohala, Big Island, Hawaii, USA

To be continued to: The Original King Kamehameha the Great Statue - Going around the Big Island - Part IV.

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