Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pololu Valley Lookout
Going around the Big Island - Part V

Continued from the post: The Original King Kamehameha The Great Statue - Going around the Big Island - Part IV.

After we passed the Upolu point - the North Point of the Big Island, the dry, brown grass scenery of the leeward side changes to the beautiful greenery of wet, windward side of the island. We drove around the point and passed the sleepy little towns of Hawi, and then, passed the original King Kamehameha the Great statue in Kapaau. We were now completely surrounded by jungle - the tropical rainforest. This is one of the most pretty roads to drive through on the Big Island.

At the end of the winding road, we arrived at Pololu Valley Lookout, a scenic point that you shouldn't miss. Parking, growing trees and bushes made me work harder to photograph the scenery, but still the scenery was quite pretty to look at.

Pololu Beach, Pololu Valley, North Kohala, Big Island, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean

I've hiked down to the valley and the beach below sometime ago with heavy camera equipment, and shot many pictures of the wet land, but have never had an opportunity to process any of the pictures I took there to this date.

The valley, waterfalls, marsh land, woods, and rocky beaches, cliffs and bluffs... all looked beautiful and impressive as well as very wild and pristine. If anybody is interested in these shots of the valley, please let me know and I'll dig in my piles.

To be continued to: Glowing Lava - Ocean Entry at Kalapana of Puna - Going around the Big Island - Part VI.

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