Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Pictures 0907 Stock Photo Gallery - Be the First to Publish!

Orca, orca, orca! I saw and photographed killer whales, Orcinus orca, in Hawaii!!! Wow, that's unbelievably rare. I don't know who else has even a decent picture of Hawaii's orca. Behind-the-scene story is posted here: Killer Whales in Hawaii? - Transient Orcas of Hawaii - Part IV of the Epic Wildlife Encounters.

Processed some pantropical spotted dolphins, Stenella attenuata, and feeding sea birds pictures from the same "epic" excursion of June 9th, 2009. Will continue to work to finish the day. An exciting blue marlin stories are posted here along with those pictures: Blue Marlin Attack! - Part II of the Epic Wildlife Encounters.

New Pictures 0907 - Stock Photo Gallery - Images by Masa Ushioda

On Independence Day, I went to see fireworks in town for the first time. Kona's fireworks are not anything like those in New York or Tokyo but still it was quite nice to see them up close at the water edge. A short story is here: Kona's Independence Day Fireworks - Fourth of July.

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