Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kona's Independence Day Fireworks - Fourth of July

My wife and I went to town to watch fireworks display in Kona for the first time.

Before even got dark, we drove around the town and scouted many locations for good angles to take pictures. After all we decided to get a location closest to the launching pad which was set up on a barge in the middle of Kailua Bay.

Good crowds were out there and everybody was having good time. Island-style live music like reggae & slack-key guitar music, ocean breeze, beer & cocktails... the town was filled with full of excitement and anticipation of a good fireworks show. We felt the buzzing energy that reminded us a bit of city lives we both grew up in.

The fireworks started on time at 8:30 pm. Kona's fireworks weren't as spectacular as those in big cities or those in Japan, but the reflections on the water and the close distance made them certainly more dramatic and memorable. It's fun to watch them always.

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