Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kiholo Bay and Haleakala of Maui
Going around the Big Island - Part I

I was asked to shoot Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament this year but at the last moment, the deal went off for various uncontrollable reasons. Well... that was disappointing as I was looking forward to it to see and photograph some exciting fishing actions.

Regardless, my schedule was packed tightly throughout this week. A good friend of ours was visiting from Japan. Also we were looking forward to our up-coming 5th anniversary. So, we wanted to do something special, and decided to go around the island for sightseeing.

First, we stopped at a scenic spot off the highway where the island of Maui can be seen best. The Maui used to be seen easily from anywhere in the upper west side of Big Island, but nowadays it's becoming a rare event to see the Haleakala of Maui due to the heavy vog (volcanic gas - very halmful, too!).

Haleakala volcanic mountain on Maui and KiholoBay, Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, Pacific Ocean

Today was one of those lucky few days to see it relatively clearly. Kiholo Bay is one of the prettiest shallow bay on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is made of white sandy bottom with patchy coral reefs, that create the beautiful contract between deep blue ocean and the lighter turquoise, greenish-blue shallow bay.

Black lava field, dry brown grasses, and the palm tree groves around the rich people's ocean front houses add more interests to this special landscape pictures. Without a doubt, it's one of my favorite scenery on the island, and is perfect for a house/office decor use.

To be continued to: Puukohola Heiau - Temple of the Whale Hill - Going around the Big Island - Part II.

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