Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Mother & Baby
Part III of The Epic Wildlife Encounters

Continued from the post: Blue Marlin Attack! - Part II of The Epic Wildlife Encounters.

Less than half way back to the harbor in Kona, we found our selves surrounded by large pod of pantropical spotted dolphins, Stenella attenuata.

The sun was low with some clouds, but we were able to snap some shots as the dolphins were playful at this time. This was the first spotted dolphin encounter for my friends, Makoto and Naomi, during their stay, so all worked out pretty good for a short period of time.

pantropical spotted dolphins, Stenella attenuata, mother and baby jumping out of boat wake, Kona Coast, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, Pacific Ocean

To be continued to: Killer Whales in Hawaii? - Transient Orcas of Hawaii - Part IV of The Epic Wildlife Encounters.

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  1. I was looking for a dolphin picture for my wallpaper and found this one is the best picture I ever seen!
    Good Luck Masa!