Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Baby Jump of the Anniversary '09

Continued from the post: Kona Resident Great Frigatebird of the Anniversary '09.

After the extremely rare Hawaiian monk seal encounter along with the magnificent great frigatebird at the boat ramp, we were finally able to go outside of the harbor. Our plan was to go north for a day of whale watching to celebrate our anniversary, but the condition wasn't ideal for my wife who were prone to get seasick.

Hawaiian spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris longirostris, baby jumping, Kona Coast, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, Pacific Ocean

As we were contemplating, we were greeted by Hawaiian spinner dolphins, Stenella longirostris longirostris, right at the harbor entrance. See how lucky we were on our anniversary. Effortless. Things happen. It would be so much more fun to go out in Kona if every time is like our anniversary. I've even got this lucky shot of a baby spinner dolphin which jumped right in front of me.

To be continued to: Oceanic Whitetip Shark with Pilot Fish of the Anniversary '09.

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